The Municipal Heritage Committee
The Municipal Heritage Committee promotes and preserves Carleton Place's built and cultural heritage. It is an advisory commitee to Town Council on matters such as building designation and heritage preservation.
The MHC strives to have a positive working relationship with owners of heritage properties and supports local talent and expertise. 

What is the Role of the Municipal Heritage Committee?
Our role is advisory and consultive. 
  • Assist council on matters relating to designation and conservation of property of cutural heritage value or interest
  • Indentify cultural heritage properties
  • Educate and inform the public
  • Assess legislation affecting cultural heritage properties
What is Heritage Designation?
Heritage designation is a land use planning tool used to recognize the historical, architectural or contextual value and integrity of a structure. 
Properties can be designated individually or as a part of a larger neighbourhood through the passing of a bylaw. 

Designation allows the municipality to recognize the importance of the property's heritage to the local community, protect the property's heritage value, encourage conservation and stewardship and promote further understanding about the property.