Designated Properties

Carleton Place Properties Designated Under Part IV of the Ontario Heritage Act.

The Ontario Heritage Act provides for the designation of individual properties (Part IV of the Act) or heritage conservation districts (Part V).  Designation denotes a public recognition of the cultural heritage value of these buildings that are valued by the community for their contribution to our understanding and appreciation of the history of a place, event or people. One of the most important tools used by the Town of Carleton Place to protect heritage resources is the designation of individual properties under Part IV (or districts under Part V) of the Act.

The following properties are designated under IV of The Ontario Heritage Act:

James Rosamond House
37 Bell Street
Bylaw 2-79

David Findlay House
49 High Street
Bylaw 2-79

Old Town Hall
267 Edmund Street 
Bylaw 14-78

Carleton Place Town Hall
175 Bridge Street
Bylaw 42-78

Hugh McMillan House
344 Bridge Street
Bylaw 57-86

Joseph Yuill House
56 Front Street
Bylaw 44-87

McArthur Woolen Mill
150 Mill Street
Bylaw 45-85

Levine Store
20 Bridge Street
Bylaw 30-85

Hugh Williams House
222 William Street
Bylaw 46-84

Carleton Hotel
224 Bridge Street
Bylaw 44-84

Tuttle House
58 John Street
Bylaw 45-84

Boulton Brown Mill
45 Mill Street
Bylaw 30-84

Abner Nichols House
274 Bridge Street

Wilson House
105 Bell Street
Bylaw 35-81

Bell House
233 Bridge Street

Willis House
384 Lake Avenue West
Bylaw 2-80

James Dunlop House
111 Town Line Road
Bylaw 4-79

Roy Bates House
180 Moffatt Street
Bylaw 5-79

Canadian Pacific Railway Station
132 Miguel Street
Bylaw 52-93

John Bell House
15 High Street
Bylaw 36-96